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5 Unexpected Things You Can Clean with a Steam Cleaner

As a mom of 5, I am always looking for tools to make my life easier and ways to keep my family as healthy as possible! My latest obsession is a steam cleaner! Now I've tried steam cleaners before and was not a fan for a few reasons. Firstly, the one I had didn't hold much water so you constantly had to refill and wait for it to heat back up. Secondly, I had to carry it so it became cumbersome. Thirdly, the trigger required quite a bit of pressure and my rheumatoid arthritis caused my fingers a lot of pain to do this. But then I discovered this one and everything changed! Now I love finding new ways to use it and am blown away every time by how efficiently and effectively it cleans almost anything! It is an incredibly versatile tool that can be used to clean a wide range of surfaces. No matter what your cleaning needs are, there’s likely a way to use a steam cleaner that you hadn’t even thought of. Here are five unexpected things I've discovered you can clean with a steam cleaner.

1. Baby Equipment, Toys and Pacifiers: Kids love their toys, but unfortunately, they can get pretty grimy & germ covered. Traditional cleaning methods can often leave behind residue and bacteria, which is why using a steam cleaner is such an effective way to clean them. Not only will it sanitize the surface, but it will also help to remove any dirt or grime that has built up over time. Plus, if your kids have pacifiers, you can safely sterilize them with a steam cleaner as well!

2. Mattresses and Pillows: If you haven’t replaced your mattress or pillows for awhile, chances are they may be harboring all sorts of dust mites and bacteria. Using a steam cleaner on these items can help to remove any allergens or other nasty contaminants from the surface. Not only will this make it easier for you to breathe at night, but it could also help reduce signs of allergies or asthma in your home.

3. Curtains and Upholstery: Whether it’s curtains or furniture upholstery, dirt and dust tend to accumulate quickly on these types of surfaces—especially if you have pets or small children running around the house! Thankfully, though, all that dirt and grime can easily be removed with a steam cleaner. Just make sure that whatever fabric you’re cleaning is colorfast before proceeding!

4. Carpets and Rugs: Vacuuming regularly is important for keeping carpets looking good (not to mention reducing allergens), but nothing beats deep-cleaning with a steam cleaner every once in awhile! It won’t just remove dirt—it will also eliminate germs and bacteria from the surface of your carpets and rugs while leaving them smelling fresh and looking like new again.

5. Grout Lines: Grout lines can be tricky to clean because they tend to accumulate soap scum over time—but luckily, this isn't something that requires hours of scrubbing anymore! Steam cleaners are surprisingly effective for removing soap scum from grout lines without having to resort to harsh chemicals or abrasive tools like toothbrushes or scrub brushes. Just make sure your grout lines aren't sealed before attempting this method!

A steam cleaner is much more than just an ordinary cleaning tool; it's an incredibly versatile piece of equipment that can tackle all sorts of jobs around the house—even ones that you may not have thought possible! From mattresses and pillows to toys and pacifiers (and everything in between!), there's no shortage of ways in which you can use a steam cleaner in order keep your home squeaky-clean without having to resort harsh chemicals or excessive scrubbing effort! And best of all? Your kids (and pets!) will thank you for taking the extra effort in making sure their favorite things stay clean too! Find my favorite steam cleaner here!

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