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All About the Blues: My Top Blue Choices for Laundry Rooms

Farmhouse 4010

Choosing paint colors for a new home is so exciting! In fact, you have probably created Pinterest boards of rooms and colors you love, years before it is actually time to choose them. However, when it comes down to the wire, committing to one color is hard! Especially when you realize all those beautiful rooms you saved do not tell you what color they are!

Timber Trails Homes

Yesterday was D-Day for my cabinetry color decision! The kitchen, wet bar, and butler’s panty were easy for me, and I’ll cover those in another blog. However, I struggled with my laundry room and mud room. Because they share the same space, they will share a cabinetry color, so it had to be a color that would work for both. I knew I wanted to do something fresh and light but initially was torn between a light gray or a blue.

Since the rest of our home will feature a lot of whites, woods, and greys, I finally decided I wanted to utilize blue for my laundry room. To be completely honest, if I could change one room in the new build, it would be my laundry room. My husband is very easily annoyed by background noise, so he insisted we move the laundry room from where it was originally located near the master bedroom. While I am happy with where we moved it too, if I had it to do again, I would insist on adding to the footprint of the home and placing the laundry room on an exterior wall with a big window and more space. Don’t get me wrong; I’m incredibly grateful for the home I am building, but just telling you what I would do differently if we ever build again!

Benjamin Moore Greyhound Blue Laundry room

So, saying all of that to say, because of the closed of location and relatively small space we have for our laundry room, I decided a light, airy blue would make the room feel bigger and brighter. I worked very closely with my cabinetry designer, Hilary Denton of Vintage Forward Design to utilize every square inch of the room to maximize storage space and working area. I cannot wait to reveal our final design to you, but for now, let’s talk about some of the different blues I found for laundry rooms.

“A light, airy blue would make the room feel bigger and brighter”

Burlanes Interiors

Mylands Morning Blue

Bell Custom Homes

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

Amy Studebaker Design

Benjamin Moore Pale Smoke

Sherwin Williams Rainwashed

Sherwin Williams Tidewater Laundry Room

Sherwin Williams Tidewater

Ashley Winn Design

Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue

Atta Girl Says

Sherwin Williams Watery

Stephanie Gamble Interiors

Benjamin Moore Van Courtland Blue

Jillian Harris

Benjamin Moore Smoke

Lexi Westergard Design

Benjamin Moore Greyhound

Mawr Design

Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay

Tracey Hardenburg Designs

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

Davidson Dwellings

Benjamin Moore Beach Glass

Sims Hilditch

Farrow and Ball Blue Gray

Cindy O’Brien Designs

Benjamin Moore Heaven on Earth

Farmhouse 4010

Darkened Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

Timber Trails Homes

Benjamin Moore Cloudy Sky

So which one is your favorite? Which one do you think I went with? Will you be terribly upset if I tell you that you have to wait until the final reveal to see what I chose? I’m so mean like that! But I want to surprise all of you! So you will just have to wait! In the meantime, I can’t wait to hear your feedback and thoughts on which one you think I should choose and which is your favorite!

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