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Amazon Finds: Cleaning

Multi-Purpose Scrubber

If you have followed me for any length of time you already know I am a HUGE fan of the Rubbermaid Scrubber. I literally use this tool at least one a day, usually more! I love the different attachments that it comes with, there is a perfect option for whatever dirty task you are dealing with. The small scrubber head is perfect for reaching corners that a traditional sponge would struggle with. And there is a pulse or continuous option, which saves so much wear and tear on my hands. This scrubber has become a staple in my cleaning toolbox, I mean, I even took it to the hospital to clean the room for the birth of Case. LOL

Cleaning Wipes

As a mom of 5, I deal with more than my fair share of messes! So, when I came across these wipes I knew after one use they were going to be a permanent fixture in my cleaning supplies. I use them for messes around the house, but I also keep a package of them in my car. They are safe on almost any surface, extra large, and very durable. They are good at absorbing and scrubbing, which is great for those stuck on messes the kids make and "forget" to tell me about, so I don't find until later. They are non-greasy and with their infusion of aloe and Vitamin E, they leave my skin feeling great!

Power Wash Spray Kit

This sprayer is something I didn't know I needed until after I had it. I bought it on a whim and lets just say I may or not be on their subscription plan now. lol I love the ease of use and how much soap waste it cuts down on. Especially those nights I only have a few dishes and don't feel like running the dishwasher. It is a powerful degreaser and great for stuck on food. A few sprays and ta da, dishes are done and just as clean as if I had run them through the dishwasher. It's also great for cleaning grease off the countertops, stains on clothing and a multitude of other household messes.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Where we currently live we track in A LOT of sand on a daily basis. When we first moved in I felt like I was constantly having to pull the heavy vacuum out, plug it in, if I was lucky enough to find a free outlet... only to still feel sand underneath my feet from where it failed to suck it all up. After a few weeks of dealing with it, I had had enough! So I went on amazon and scoured the reviews for a new vacuum. Thankfully I came acoss this cordless vacuum, it is everything I was looking for! It is lightweight, cordless, and with its powerful suction and smart technology it is able to find and remove ALL the dirt, including the thousands of grains of sand.

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