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Amazon Finds: Relaxation Essentials

I am sure you all can relate that life can be stressful, on our minds and bodies. Having a system in place to help ease that stress on our minds and bodies is essential! One way I keep my stress level properly managed is with weekly soaks in the tub, below are a few of my favorite therapeutic spa treatments that have become must haves since discovering them!

Rose Essential Oil: Soaking Salt

The smell of this soaking salt is absolutely addicting, I could literally smell it for hours and never grow tired of it. It provides a calming environment and the salt leaves may skin feeling smooth and rejuvenated. Plus, while a little on the pricey side... coming in a 3lb. bag it last a long time!

Collagen: Milk Bath

When I am feeling extra stressed or if I just feel like my skin is lacking, this collagen milk bath is one of my go to products. It leaves my skin feeling moisturized and silky smooth, without feeling oily. I also love the added benefit that while treating my skin it helps melt away the stress of the day!

Himalayan Pink Salt

While Epsom Salt and Himalayan both have rejuvenating properties, they are actually quite different and not able to be used as an alternate for each other. Soaking in Himalayan Salt offers additional minerals that are not present in a traditional Epsom Salt, which ironically is not really even a salt. The negatively charged ions of Himalayan Salt attach to toxins and neutralize their charge, detoxifying our systems. I have loved adding this product to my soaking options and enjoying the alternative benefits it offers to Epsom Salt.

Rose Essential Oil: Foaming Bath

I adore this product! The aroma of the bubbles is both delicate and refreshing. Its relaxing scents giving me a much needed mental break. The essential oils leave my skin feeling soft and smooth. I truly could soak for hours, if I didn't have 5 kids competing for my attention that is. lol

Natural Sisal Brush

Speaking of scrubbing, I absolutely am in LOVE with this body scrubber. The sensation of the dry brush on my skin is like no other. I know it sounds weird but my skin feels more alive after using this, rejuvenated in a way no other scrubber has provided. It also helps improve skin tone, elasticity, and collagen production.What's not to love?!

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