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Amazon Finds – Self-Care

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

1. Relief Shower Steamers

Why I Love This: I love to stock up on these year round but especially for winter. They are a great way to help clear-up chest and sinus conjestion every time anyone in our family gets a cold. It’s definitely a go-to in our house when anyone is sick or needing relaxing shower after a stressful day!

Count: 15 pucks per pack

Price: $29.97

Tip: Subscribe & Save for 10% discount

2. Under Eye Mask

Why I Love This: First off, I recommend definitely keeping these stocked in the fridge at all times. They will quickly become as much of a go-to for you as they are for me! At time the areas around my eyes become red, puffy, and tender. Just one set of these patches, and the puffiness disappears, the redness goes away, and the tenderness is a thing of the past. The cooling aspect is so nice, and these are so easy to use. My only regret is that I didn't find theses year ago!

Count: 30 per pack (other options available)

Price: $17.99

Tip: Subscribe & Save for 10% discount

3. Flexible Stem Lighter

Why I Love This: On those stressful nights when all I am looking forward to is a hot bath, candles, and relaxing. The last thing I want to deal with is the hassle that lighting candles can sometimes be. Either the candle opening is too small for me to reach down into or the wick has burned too low to reach, or both! That is why I love the flexible neck this lighter features. It is skinny enough to fit into any opening and long enough to reach any wick, no matter how far down it has burned. To me this is essential, the quicker I can light my candles the quicker I can get to relaxing!

Color: Black (other options available)

Count: 1

Price: $7.99

Tip: Subscribe & Save for 5% discount

4. Massage Gun

Why I Love This: This massage gun has been a godsend! With my pregnancy I constantly dealt with lower back pain and cricks in my neck. My husband, Daniel, also deals with chronic neck soreness that nothing will touch normally except a visit to the chiropractor. He and I both use this massage gun for the aches and pains that we have and it helps at a minimum decrease the pain, while typically it removes it entirely. Plus, I absolutely LOVED being able to bring it with me on car trips. It saved the day more than once when dealing with an aching back after a long drive.

Color: Grey (other options available)

Count: 1/ with 30 attachments

Price: $29.86

Tip: Great Christmas Gift

Aisley's Find of the Week


5. Mask

Why Aisley Loves This: At first I was skeptical but this little thing is magic in a bottle! It works better than I could have imagined at keeping my acne in check and my skin complexion looking fantastic and feeling smooth. The result have been so awesome my sister Ava has even started using it!

Count: 1 / 8.8oz

Price: $12.95

Tip: Subscribe & Save for 5% discount

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