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DIY Door Knobs

After finally settling on which door style we were going with, I began searching for the perfect door knobs. Very quickly, I found the ones I loved at Only $141.90…per door!

We have quite a few interior doors in our new house, so at $141.90 a piece, that would add up VERY quickly! However, I have dreamed of having glass door knobs with a trim plate since I was a little girl playing in my grandmother’s victorian home that had them on every single door. So I started researching! I will post links for all the items I used at the end of the post.

For my non-locking doors, I found these trim plates at Home Depot for $6.45

I found these glass knobs through for $7.99.

I sanded off the polished brass finish on the trim plates with an orbital sander and 100 grit sand paper. I then lightly coated it with Krylon Gold Metallic spray paint and let it dry for about 5 minutes . I then lightly coated it with 2 coats of Rust-oleum Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint, letting it dry about 5 minutes between each coat. After the final coat, let it dry for at least 24 hours before you start handling it. So for a total cost of $14.45 per door, I have a beautiful oil rubbed bronze trim plate and glass door knob for all my non-locking doors.

For my locking doors, I found this from the same company the glass knobs are from so it matches perfectly! They are only $21.85 and you don’t have to do ANY work if you don’t want to though I will probably paint them anyway because I think they look more authentic painted!

One other option, if you don’t want a trim plate on every door, you could use these knob rosettes. Only $7.77 per door and already painted as well!

I hope you find this information helpful! If you have any questions, I am more than happy to help!

Gold Trim Plates:

Glass Knobs:

Locking Door Knob:

Knob Rosette:

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