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How We Made Our Home a Smart Home with Alexa and Ring

This is a sponsored post but all thoughts and opinions are my own! We appreciate you supporting the companies that support our family!

Here are the ways we made our home a smart home with Alexa smart home and Ring home security products. We collaborated with Amazon Devices and Ring to make our home more functional, convenient and safe. When we moved into our new home last year, we doubled our square footage. As a work from home, homeschooling family of 6, we spend a lot of our time in our home. I’m constantly creating content and engaging online, my kids do virtual school and my husband does online calls all day long. We’ve loved incorporating Amazon and Ring technology to allow us to do our daily activities more efficiently, communicate with each other from opposite sides of the house, keep us safe & organized!

Alexa makes our lives more convenient by allowing us to make grocery lists, organize our family schedule, call everyone to dinner using the Announcements feature or control all of our connected devices with just one request! I love that I can also set up a morning Routine for our whole family, so that our lights turn on at 8 a.m. Alexa announces it’s time to wake up, and our family playlist starts playing on all of our Echo Devices. On our Echo Show 10 in the kitchen, we can easily find our favorite recipes, and Alexa walks us through them, so even when our hands are covered in flour, we can easily hear and see the next steps. By setting up Echo Devices throughout our home, we are also able to communicate with each other. I can Drop In on my kids’ devices at any time to let them know dinner is ready, dishes need to be done or laundry needs to be folded!

When our square footage more than doubled, we found we had areas in our home that had no Wi-Fi at all – the dreaded dead spot. The moment you walked out the front door, you lost all service! It was so frustrating! We set up the eero 6 Dual-Band Mesh WiFi 6 Router and now, from anywhere in our home, we have the fastest Wi-Fi connection we’ve ever had. Even when my husband is working out by the pond, his favorite place to be, he doesn’t have to worry about lack of Wi-Fi connectivity. With Alexa, I can also manage Wi-Fi access for individual devices and my kids, giving me control over the amount of screen time they are getting. I love pausing Wi-Fi during dinner to make sure we’re all focused on each other, not our phones.

Wherever we are, our Ring home security products help us feel more comfortable and secure as their features make living and working easier. The Ring Video Doorbell Wired gives us peace of mind and convenience by allowing us to see and communicate with whoever is at our front door right from the Ring App on our phones. Since we live 40 minutes from shopping areas, I do a LOT of Amazon shopping. It is so nice to be able to look on my phone or our Echo Show 10 at any time to see if my package has been delivered. We connected our Ring Video Doorbell with Alexa and now get notifications on our devices anytime there is movement on our front porch, allowing us to quickly look to see who it is and communicate if needed

Our Fire TV Stick makes streaming so simple and intuitive with the ability to control power, volume, and mute buttons on a single Alexa-enabled remote that you can control with your voice. The recently updated Fire TV user experience makes it easier for us to find the content we love, while helping to discover what’s new, including DIY and Home Improvement content this Spring. By connecting our Fire TV and Ring devices in our new house, we can also initiate two-way communication by using the Ring Skill, all while never leaving the couch. When we receive an Announcement that somebody is at the door, we simply say “Alexa, show me the front door,” and we are connected to our Ring Video Doorbell so we can start talking to our visitor

We also love our Amazon Smart Plugs! We can turn our lights, fans, coffee maker, and more on or off simply by using our voice! We can use our Alexa-enabled devices to control products plugged into our Amazon Smart Plugs without even getting off of the couch!

If you have existing Amazon devices, spring is also the perfect time to give them a “spring cleaning” by going over your privacy settings. You can ask Alexa to “delete everything I’ve said” to delete all of your voice recordings, such as grocery lists or schedules. There is also an option to not have your voice recordings saved if so desired! Spring is the perfect time to rethink how your family functions and refresh your living spaces with Alexa smart home and Ring home security products. For more ideas on how to reset your home this spring, check out these Alexa Picks!

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