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Our Paver Driveway

When my husband told me his plan for our driveway, I about fell over! He wanted to connect an already large circle driveway to a concrete pad that we eventually plan on turning into a barn. This would ensure we would have plenty of room to not only park all of our equipment like trailers and our tractor, but also allow for plenty of space as he or our employees move them around, hopefully eliminating any potential accidents. This plan caused the driveway to end up just under 7,000 square feet! I really did not our home to be surrounded by that much concrete! If it was going to be that big, I wanted it to add to the beauty of our home! After a little research, I decided pavers would be the perfect choice! I spoke with a local landscaping friend and he recommended Tremron pavers, so that’s who we went with!

We could not be happier with that choice! We went with their antiqued finish Old Towne in Sand Dune and the pictures do not do how beautifully it turned out justice! Rather than boring concrete detracting from the beauty of our home, the sophisticated elegance of the Tremron pavers actually enhances our home!

We were able save a significant amount of money by doing all of the prep work ourselves! We also traded out work with a friend of ours who does pavers, he let us use his employees at cost and in exchange, we did some flooring for him at cost. We also filled the pavers in with sand once they were installed. We were so thankful to have such a magnificent driveway for such a great price!

The Tremron pavers came in a three piece pattern which provides depth and movement of an natural cobblestone to our driveway. The colors perfectly blend together and the antiqued finish matches the old world charm of our home. We park very heavy trucks and equipment on them and they are holding up beautifully! They also provide a sleek, smooth surface that allows our family to walk on them without shoes, which is a common occurrence around here.

We also added this seating area over by our beautiful pond to give us a place to sit and enjoy it! We, especially my husband, spend countless hours out here! It is absolutely his favorite space!

If you are building, remodeling or just interested in dressing up your driveway or landscaping, Tremron pavers are the perfect choice! Their quality, beauty and durability will add to the aesthetic of your home for years to come!

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