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Our Six Penny Home Sofa

While we still have so much to do to get Daniel’s office completed, we wanted to share the construction design that is the foundation for everything we will add to create his completed work space. Daniel has always worked from home but in our old home, his office had no privacy and it was next to the play room! You can imagine some of the frustration that created! Another issue with our old home was when employees, clients or friends stopped by to visit, they had to walk through most of our home to get to the office. This created a few issues, especially when our babies were little and I was nursing! So when we began to design the layout of our new home, we made sure to take these issues into consideration and prevent them in the future by carefully planning our design!

modern farmhouse home office

As you enter our home, Daniel’s office is the first door on the right. This allows anyone visiting to go directly to his office versus having to walk through the rest of the home where our family is doing life. We also designed the powder room to the left so any guests would have access to a restroom without bothering the family.

Choosing glass panel doors allows Daniel to close out the noise of our children, while still maintaining visual contact. In addition to the glass panel doors, three windows allow plenty natural light to flood the room! The windows also allow Daniel to keep an eye on our kids if they are riding bikes or playing in the yard.

While we have yet to finish furnishing this space, we absolutely loved this Six Penny Home sofa so much that we went ahead and put it in this room so we can choose all the other pieces around it! This mid-century inspired sofa is their Tiller sofa and we chose to have it upholstered in their Pebble Grey Wool. Its delicately diamond stitched. tufted back and solid wood detailing on the arms make it such a visually interesting piece. We are absolutely thrilled with the quality and workmanship on this sofa!

As I stated before, we still have so much decor work to do in this office but we are so excited about the designs we chose! Taking your time to choose a layout that works for how your family functions makes the decor part much easier. Thinking through any potential issues and making sure we designed this home with a solution to each one in mind allowed us to create a space that will hopefully allow Daniel to run his company as efficiently as possible, while still being able to be home and involved with our family! Stay tuned with us in the coming months as we finish out this space!

(We received product in exchange for this blog post but all thoughts and opinions are my own! We so appreciate you supporting the companies that support our little family!)

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