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Ava’s Dream Room Part I

In building our new home, our kids were all so excited to get to help design and decorate their own rooms! Ava, 11, is our middle daughter and this room truly reflects her personality! She hand picked the theme and the bed but allowed me to let my Instagram followers choose the rest of her furniture! We combined her beautiful mural, gorgeous furnishings and some fun DIY’s to create a space she absolutely loves! Join me for a three part series where we delve into each element of her room design and decor!

* Anewall provided this mural free of charge in exchange for my honest feedback. All thoughts and opinions are my own and are not influenced by the company in any way.

First up, her gorgeous mural! Since Ava loves cacti, succulents and all things greenery, this mural from Anewall was the perfect choice to serve as the focal point of her decor. It’s color palette perfectly matches the teal, grey and pink we had chosen as the color scheme for her room. The mural arrived on white paper, more like a wall paper, which looked great against the white wall online but not so great against my grey wall! So I took an Exacto knife and trimmed out the exact cacti so it would look more like a mural than wallpaper. Definitely time-consuming but the finished product was worth every moment! I applied the mural with wallpaper paste and it was a very simple process, as you can see in the following video!

Either start your mural at the ground or the top of your base, or using a measuring tape, level and a pencil, mark a straight line that will be hidden by your base to start your mural on. Working in sections, fold up each piece like an accordion. I found it easiest to work from the bottom up and to coat my paper and my wall in paste using a paint roller. Use a metal or plastic smoother to remove all air bubbles and ensure a tight grip and smooth application. I applied all the large sections first, then went back in and added all the small sections that had been detached due to the Exacto knife.

We are so incredibly happy with how this mural turned out. It is truly the focal point of Ava’s room and ties everything else together in such a beautiful way! Thank you so much Anewall for helping us create this beautiful wall! Make sure to check back tomorrow as we discuss all the furnishings we used to create Ava’s dream room!

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