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Our Clopay Garage Doors

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Photography by Visible Style

Words cannot begin to describe the rich character and charm our Clopay Canyon Ridge garage doors add to our home! As owner builders, we were responsible for choosing every aspect of our home, without the guidance of an experienced contractor. This meant research was an integral part of every decision we made. We chose our Clopay Garage doors because of their durability and the beauty they added to our home.

Living in Florida, durability was a top priority for the garage doors we chose. We have been hit with several hurricanes over the past few years and we know how important it is to have a tested, wind-rated door to prevent high winds from forcing it out of our garage opening, causing an uncontrolled buildup of internal pressure and ultimately a blowout of our home’s roof and supporting walls. The Clopay Canyon Ridge garage doors are constructed with steel for strength and durability. Additionally, no posts or pins are required to secure our doors if we are not there, we just have to lock our doors.

Our Clopay garage doors are moisture and UV resistant, which again, living in Florida, where we receive equal parts torrential downpour and blazing sunshine almost every single day, this feature was very important to us! It gives us the peace of mind that they will not rot, warp, or crack. Knowing Southern Living chose this same line of doors for their 2019 Idea House in Amelia Island, FL, which is about 45 minutes north of us gave us that much more confidence that these were the doors for us. Additionally, these doors are very low maintenance, which with four kids and our busy lives, we love anything that doesn’t require constant upkeep.

Even though we have side entry garage doors, they are still visible from a large part of our driveway, so choosing doors that added beauty to our home was very important to us. Growing up, my grandmother lived in an old Victorian-style home with a detached carriage house. I always loved how beautiful it was and wanted to recreate the look of carriage doors on my home! We wanted the look of real wood, but living in Florida, that was just not an option. Clopay’s Canyon Ridge door is engineered woodgrain composite molded from real pieces of wood to replicate the grain and texture. While we chose to stain them to give rich warmth to our white exterior, you can chose to have them painted instead. We also loved that we could use the Clopay Door Imagination System to see how having two totally different sized garage doors would look on our home before investing in something just to dislike the final product.

Garage doors rank as one of the Top 3 home improvement projects with the best return on investment at resale, according to the Remodeling 2020 Cost vs Value report. These doors should last us the next twenty years, so investing in doors we loved was very important to us. If you are local to me, you can visit D & D Garage Doors to get more information on Clopay Garage doors or click here to find a Clopay dealer near you. We look forward to enjoying these beautiful doors for years to come!

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