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Charming Tennessean

Charming dormer windows make this house built by Baird Graham Construction feel more like a cottage in the woods, rather than a house in the suburbs. Because you don’t need to settle for a boring door, a cheery painted door greets you as you walk up the brick front steps. Instead of just one porch light, two flank the door for added warmth, their design reminiscent of gas-flamed street lamps. The contrast between the white-washed brick exterior and the dark sconces adds an elegant beauty to a simple front entrance. 


Wood accents are found throughout this home from the pergola before the front door to the framing in living room entrance to paneled ceilings where you would least expect them and wood beams exactly where they add the most appeal.

This home focuses around built-ins, found throughout the home, taking the guess work out of fitting furniture into a space. The office boasts a wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling bookcase and desk space, perfect for any budding entrepreneur, or made for those dreaming about their own library.  

An open kitchen is made up of lighter woods and grey cabinets, the large island taking center stage in the room, acting as the perfect meeting place for the whole family. The enclosed candle chandelier hangs over the island, giving the whole room a charming rustic vibe while the paneled ceiling contains pot lights that favor that must-needed brightness over ambiance. A farmhouse sink and a wooden china hutch with buffet that wouldn’t look out of place in a cozy cottage completes the farmhouse vibe.  


Living Room

The wood-beamed living room, open from the kitchen, keeps the house friendly and homey. The fireplace washed in white and bordered by two built-in bookcases ties together the old-world charm that this home exudes. 

A bright blue main bathroom is a fun twist on the regular white shiplap walls, adding bright color and having fun with seen-everywhere trends. 

Master Bedroom

The tall, peaked ceiling adds height and depth to the master bedroom, making it feel larger and more open, while plenty of windows add light and brightness to the space. Beautiful as the bedroom is, the master bathroom is where the space truly shines, the shower stealing the show with double glass doors on either end and a soaker tub right in the middle. The bathroom makes a splash with various tile sizes and shapes that work well together in all marbled whites, rather than of competing for attention. 

Master Bathroom

In the master bath, double sinks sit atop of a mid-century styled vanity that wouldn’t look out of place as an old buffet sideboard, the herringbone style running from the tiled floor to the vanity. 

Laundry Room

Back Porch

Patio doors open from the living onto the covered porch, complete with a fireplace and a reclaimed wood mantel, because you shouldn’t have to compromise style and comfort just because you’re outside. On the other side of the porch, an outdoor kitchen awaits BBQs and family gatherings, while looking onto the beautiful and serene backyard. 

Thank you for joining me for this tour! Let me know which feature is your favorite in the comments!

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