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European Farmhouse

european farmhouse exterior modern farmhouse

Photography by Adam Barbe

Inspired by the Patina Farm in California, AE Interiors and Michelle Tumlin Designs carefully crafted the design of this home to give off an elegant farmhouse vibe without an air of pretentiousness. They wanted this home to feel casual, comfortable, and lived in. Every detail was carefully selected incorporating natural, vernacular materials throughout to create a luxurious, dramatic masterpiece. The exterior is clad with limestone directly mined within their state of Texas. All of these beautiful images were captured by Adam Barbe. Join me on a visual tour of this magnificent European inspired farmhouse!

“Elegant farmhouse vibe without an air of pretentiousness”

European modern Farmhouse kitchen with antique scale on kitchen counter

Reflecting a playful touch of glamour, this kitchen tweaks the farmhouse aesthetic. Designing the cabinetry to appear as though two antique hutches were built into the design is such a unique, lovely addition, an undeniable vestige of days of old. Incorporating open shelving and glass front doors with the more traditional cabinetry results in a functional design style that will stand the test of time. Generously sized double islands are made for entertaining and the oversized lighting is perfectly proportioned for the dramatic space. Varying the countertops between stone and wood is such a nice contrast. The entire room is the perfect combination of rustic and glamour!

With a dramatic limestone fireplace setting the tone for the space, this dining room, though relatively small, appears grand, yet inviting. The dining room table was custom made for the space. The base was made by a metal fabricator and the top made of wood by the same company that manufactured the floors and custom doors.  What a magnificent room to host a dinner party!

Modern farmhouse entry European farmhouse tour

When I first viewed this room, my eye was immediately drawn to the fireplace in the center of the room! I loved it even more when I found out it was an authentic, antique piece they repurposed for this space! To give you an idea of scale, the custom doors flanking the fireplace are 10′ tall! Such a grand space! In interior design, scale is so important, especially when you have a large space like this one! Everything in this room is overized so it does not get lost! 

“The doors flanking the fireplace are 10′ tall”

This powder room has such a french flair to it! The skirting around the sink adds an unexpected soft touch. While the original plan called for antique ceiling tiles, they were able to find a company to replicate the design in a new material. I love how much character and detail they add!

Layering soft textiles with the vernacular materials creates a feeling of elegance with a rustic touch, evoking a spirit that is warm and inviting. Incorporating an oversized wall of windows maximizes the design’s connection to nature. embracing the outdoors in a seamless way.

“Evoking a spirit that is warm and inviting”

Choosing one accent color that appears throughout the home in both expected and unusual ways. seamlessly ties the entire home design together. The soft blue AE Interiors chose to incorporate into this design elegantly ties many different textures and patterns together. You can really get a stunning view of the wood floors in this shot. They are 100+ year old oak and were custom stained through a proprietary process by a company based out of Houston, TX. Choosing to feature inlaid wood floors in this smaller space shows design craftsmanship and adds dramatic detail. 

With marble tiles and gold fixtures partnered with antique doors and wood accents, this bathroom is a perfect example of sleek meets salvaged. Functional style and simple sophistication rooted in rustic charm make this the bathroom of my dreams! The vanity was hand crafted by the same wood company that created the floors and other wood accents throughout the home. Many times people will try to incorporate every tile pattern, design and function they can think of. However, that can result in a busy, confusing shower. Keeping their tile selections to a minimum while still incorporating niches and patterns is a perfect example of how to incorporate design and function without cluttering a shower.

“This bathroom is a perfect example of sleek meets salvaged.”

Now this space was designed to entertain in grand style! Echoing a rustic barn structure with tin ceilings, wood beams and trim, this is low key luxury at it’s finest!

Now this is a laundry room! Antique wood doors with the appliances provide the perfect marriage of warmth and industrial simplicity. An antique tub that belonged to the homeowner was transformed into a light fixture and adds the perfect touch to this room! Drying racks, organizing baskets and a large folding iron coupled with double stacked washer and dryers are every mother’s dream! Adding a large extra fridge to the laundry room provides extra cold storage that is easily accessible.

“The perfect marriage of warmth and industrial simplicity”

Over the garage, a guest suite designed to appear as a log cabin provides such a unique area to house guests. Classic Americana reinterpreted in fresh modern way with raw, reclaimed wood and bold chinking. I love the fun, vivid tiles used to turn ordinary stairs into a statement.

What a magnificent home! They absolutely accomplished their mission of creating a European farmhouse, full of old world character and charm. Choosing vernacular materials created depth and rooted their truly unparalleled design in rustic charm. Mixing various elements and textures created a timeless design that is truly a masterpiece!

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