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Hoppy Easter

If you happen to be planning an Easter party this weekend, you may draw some inspiration from an egg decorating party a group of friends and I threw for our kiddos! We gathered in the magical garden of our friend Cindy, Long Meadow Farm Gardens. We printed the free monthly themed downloads from Declaration & Co to serve as the inspiration for our theme. Cindy baked the adorable bunny cake, Shannon, A Magical Childhood, took all the photography and coordinated the decor. Our sweet friends Andrea, River City Homestead and Amanda joined in to help corral the kids and keep things running smoothly! We used faux eggs to prevent any mishaps and to make it a little bit easier on ourselved! After setting out dye and markers, we let the kids go to town! They had an absolute blast! My daughter Amelia stayed out there the longest! She made sure every last egg was decorated before she would leave! Enjoy this holiday weekend and I hope you are inspired by these beautiful images!

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