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Spring Tea Party

What do you do when you have over $300 worth of hydrangeas left over from an event you decorated for? You plan an impromptu spring picnic with some of your dear friends and their adorable daughters! We have been so blessed to be surrounded by a fabulous homeschool community. Our oldest daughters have grown up together and now our younger daughters and getting to enjoy that same privilege! Personally, I am so thankful to have a group of mommas around me that have the same passion for schooling our children and making their childhood as magical as possible! In fact, one of the mommas, Shannon Curry, has an Instagram called A Magical Childhood where she shares all of the amazing experiences she creates for her children! The other two mommas who helped us create this magical tea party are Andrea, @RiverCityHomestead and Cindy, @longmeadowfarmgardens

On the banks of the St Johns River, surrounded by a lush canopy of oak trees cascading shadows around us, we set up this magical spring tea party. With the hydrangeas as our primary focus, each momma brought an assortment of vintage quilts, bunnies, and antiques. Using the Martha Steward dip method for sugar cookies, Cindy created the darling sugar cookies that the girls’ quickly devoured! Andrea created the adorable little cheesecakes that added the perfect pop of color. Shannon snapped the pictures while the girls played the afternoon away, completely enraptured by the beauty around them! They twirled, swung and danced their little hearts out while we watched, mixed emotions flooding our souls as we know how fleeting this innocence is yet so grateful for this opportunity to capture it in pictures that we can enjoy for years to come! We hope you enjoy this peek into our afternoon as much as we enjoyed creating it and maybe it will inspire you to create a ‘Spring Tea Party’ of your own!

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