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From the time my husband and I met, we dreamed of building a home together. However, we had several things holding us back. First of all, land here in Florida is not cheap, especially in the area we live. To find a beautiful piece of land, not in a subdivision, near the river and covered in beautiful trees for a price we could afford proved very difficult. Finding our property is another story in itself, so I will save it for another blog post but needless to say, we finally found a piece of land that fit all of our criteria PERFECTLY! Secondly, being a self-employed contractor makes getting financing very difficult. We struggled for years to line our finances up just right so a bank would approve us for a construction to permanent loan. Thirdly, deciding on what type of loan we would do and finally getting it to the approval process took over a year! Needless to say, we have already been on quite a journey to get to where we are. But now starts the fun part! The building process!

I am starting this blog to not only document this build process for ourselves but to share our story in hopes that we can be an encouragement to others seeking to build. I will cover topics such as getting financed when self-employed, designing your floor plan to meet your family’s needs, keeping your marriage together when to build process seems to be falling apart, and our decision making process as we choose each and every item to complete our Jett Set Farmhouse.

I hope you all enjoy following our building process. Feel free to ask me any questions! We are happy to share any knowledge we have gained thus far though I know we have a lot to learn!

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