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Modern Farmhouse Playhouse

How is it that seeing things you love in a miniature version make them ten times cuter? Dollhouses, playhouses, tiny houses: seeing shiplap, goose-neck lights, metal roofs and all the other things that the modern farmhouse style is known for on a smaller scale absolutely melts my heart! From the moment my friend Philip, from @philip_or_flop, first started showing his plans for the adorable playhouse he designed and built for his two precious daughters, I knew I had to feature it on my blog! It is seriously the cutest thing in the entire world and I am so excited to take you on a tour of it! There is so much creativity and ingenuity poured into the 57 square feet of this playhouse. I was truly amazed watching the creative process Philip went through designing every little component. You can go back to his highlights on his Instagram to watch the journey for yourself! But for now, let’s take a look around the finished product!

Philip designed his plan in Sketchup and found his inspiration from Pinterest. Using his imagination and building knowledge, Philip was able to design this exterior to rival any normal sized modern farmhouse! There was so much thought put into the materials used, ensuring this playhouse will stand the test of time. He used fiber cement for siding and his cedar shakes to ensure it would not warp or rot. Philip also designed and built the front door himself, you can watch that process here. He allowed his daughters to choose the paint color and I don’t think they could have picked a more perfect, fun color!


Board and Batten Color: Sherwin Williams Amazing Gray Cedar Shakes Color: Sherwin Williams Intellectual Gray Roof: McElroy Metals in Mansard Brown Goose Neck Light: Amazon Windows: Door: Custom Built Door Color: Sherwin Williams Spa Door Handle: Deltana Trim: Koma Building Products All construction materials are from Lowe’s and you can find out exactly what you need in his story.

For this adorable, oh so life like kitchen, Philip purchased the Hearth and Hand with Magnolia play kitchen from Target. However, being his creative self, he could not just use it as is. He channeled his inner Chip Gains and did a little demo work so he could remake the kitchen in his own style. Inspired by Clint Harp, Philip added custom open wood shelving that adds so much to this delightful space. He also repainted all the cabinets and added real concrete countertops, which you can find the DIY for below. One of the coolest features Philip added was the “working” oven. I don’t know about you, but I think I would even enjoy playing the afternoon away in this space! I know Philip’s daughters are going to get countless hours of enjoyment preparing ‘meals’ in this fabulous, fun kitchen!


Fake Food: Melissa and Doug Kitchen: Customized from Hearth and Hand Magnolia from Target (currently sold out) Concrete Countertops: Diy you can find here Organizing Bins: MDesign_Shop ‘Working’ Oven: DIY Here Cutting Board: Amazon Hello sign: Pier One Storage Crock: Amazon Dishes: Ikea Cabinetry Paint Color: Hanging Pan Rack: Amazon Geometric Candle Holder: Pier One Flooring Stain: Semi Solid, Cordovian Brown Floating Shelf: Cedar stained with Watco Light Walnut Danish Oil

What a charming set up this is! The perfect spot for a tea party or pretend meal! The small, darling details like the built in magazine rack are what elevate this playhouse to the next level! Philip was so creative in finding ways to incorporate this little things that I know his daughters will cherish forever! Philip added custom trim floorboards and around the windows to give the playhouse that authentic farmhouse feel.

Dining Room

Table: Ikea Chairs: Ikea Table Runner: Amazon Vase: Amazon Rug: Amazon Clock: Target Shiplap: Home Depot

For the exposed rafters, Philip used rough cut cedar from Lowe’s. Talk about the small details taking this playhouse to the next level! Those exposed rafters add so much beauty and visual interest! Absolutely brilliant of Philip to add them! The enchanting sign “Once Upon a Time” really sums this space up perfectly! Childhood is such a fleeting time and the memories that will be created here are one’s I know Philip and his wife Jenni, along with their daughters will remember forever! Adding the adorable pictures of his two little girls was the absolutely perfect ‘icing on the cake’.

Back Wall

Rafters: Cedar stained with Watco Light Walnut Danish Oil Gooseneck Light: Amazon Picture Frames: Amazon

Philip from @philip_or_flop

It has been such a joy sharing this fun space with you! I hope you found it as inspiring and adorable as I did! Playhouses of any shape or size are magical spaces but adding some innovation and imagination, Philip took this lovely playhouse and turned it into a true work of art.

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