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Our Flooring Choices

Photography by Visible Style

When building our new house, we knew one decision that would set the tone for our entire home was our flooring. Considering it is the first thing you see when you open the door and is the foundation for every other design element, we knew it was important to choose something we loved and would set the correct tone for everything else we did. Since we have a very open floor plan, choosing something that would tie all of our spaces together and provide a cohesive background was very important.

After doing a lot of research and looking at countless products, we discovered ADM Flooring and the rave reviews given to them by several of our blogger friends. We spoke with them and were very happy with the level of customer service we were given. They were knowledgeable and very helpful in directing us towards the correct type of flooring for us. We decided on several colors we wanted to receive samples of and anxiously awaited their arrival!

Once we received our samples, we spent way more time than we probably should have, laying them out in every single room, at different times of day, seeing how they looked in various lighting. Not only did we love the tones of the Vintage Beige, we also loved that this color was offered in the 10.25″ plank. With our wide open floor plan, we felt this would keep the floors from appearing as ‘busy’ as a thinner plank would. This made our decision relatively simple.

We could not be happier with the gorgeous aesthetic our flooring adds to our home! While it provides the perfect backdrop, seamlessly blending all of our design and furniture choices, it also adds a rich beauty that every single person who visits our home comments on. They provide the perfect amount of movement and texture, without overshadowing or drawing attention away from the surrounding design elements.

With four children and a dog, durability was incredibly important to us! We are an active family and these ADM floors are in almost every single room in our home, meaning they are getting a lot of traffic on them. In the year we have had these floors, in addition to the construction mess they lived through, we have had a gallon of paint, a product that had oils and polymers, a jar of olive oil and a blender full of red sauce spilled on our wood floors and you would not even be able to tell where these thing happened (don’t ask my children, they will gladly point them out!). We simply scrubbed the areas with WOCA natural soap and applied a refresher oil afterward and the areas are as good as new. I get DM’s and emails almost daily asking if I am truly happy with how our floors are holding up and each time I respond with a resounding ‘yes’! We sweep regularly and make sure to wipe up spills quickly to help maintain our gorgeous floors.

As I’m typing this, I’m sitting on my couch, looking around at my floors and I have the biggest smile on my face. We have installed a lot of wood floors in our business and have had customers deal with all kinds of issues with different products from other manufacturers and I am so grateful we have not experienced any of the frustrations or annoyances we have seen others go through. ADM Flooring produces a quality product that I would highly recommend to anyone and we are so grateful for the beautiful aesthetic and durability they have provided our home! They have exceeded our expectations in every possible way and we are just thrilled to have them in our home!

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