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Our Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Before I even began designing our home, I knew I wanted a white, farmhouse style sink! With their gorgeous apron front, ergonomic design, and incredibly deep basin, I knew a farmhouse sink would be the perfect choice, however I designed my kitchen. When the time came to actually choose a sink, I did a lot of research to figure out which sink would be the best choice for us. After discovering Blanco, I knew it was the perfect brand for me! Their Cerana II is an exquisite blend of durability and beauty! Crafted with artisan hand-finishing techniques and high-firing temperatures, it boasts a gleaming finish and clean lines. There are few things you should think about before choosing a farmhouse sink: cost, installation and use !

In my childhood, sinks were for function, not beauty! Whether doing dishes, washing little girls’ hair or bathing babies, the kitchen sink was always part of our family routines. Today, these tasks are still done in my own kitchen sink, and  I love that it is as equally beautiful as it is functional. The apron front on this farmhouse sink adds so much glamour and beauty to my kitchen. Long gone are the days of sinks only adding functionality!

Because the farmhouse sink sits further out than an undermount or sink, it doesn’t require you to reach as far to get to the bottom of it making it more ergonomical to use. The generous size and depth of the Cerana II, makes washing and rinsing dishes a much easier chore. I can easily soak tall pots and large casserole dishes, as well as bathe my youngest children or our dog, if necessary.

The Cerana II is made of fireclay, which is a type of ceramic, fired at over 2,100* Fahrenheit, then coated with porcelain enamel. This makes it incredibly durable, with a smooth, easy to clean surface. It also comes with the stainless steel bottom grid which protects it for years to come.

What are some thing you need to consider when choosing a fireclay, farmhouse sink? First of all cost. Farmhouse sinks are far from the cheapest option when it comes to kitchen sinks. However, their beauty and durability definitely make them splurge worthy to me! Their large basin requires a lot of water to fill them up, so I have learned to use a smaller bowl or dish when I’m doing something that doesn’t require an entire sink of water. These sinks are incredible heavy, add in the weight of a full sink of water and you can imagine the strain that buts on the cabinetry below it! So make sure your sink is installed correctly with plenty of support. Also, farmhouse sinks require special fabrication of your countertops so make sure your countertop fabricator knows what type of sink you are installing and measures precisely for it.

I could not be happier with my beautiful, Blanco farmhouse sink! It is truly a statement piece in my kitchen and is used daily! It is easy to clean and use, fitting everything I need to wash in it with ease. I know it will stand up to the massive amount of use it receives from my large family, thanks to its extreme durability!

(We received product in exchange for this blog post but all thoughts and opinions are my own! We so appreciate you supporting companies that support our little family)

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