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Personal Branding: The Ultimate Guide to Defining Your Brand, and Developing Your Audience.

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

How in the world did a stay at home, momma of four, with no marketing or social media experience, grow an Instagram following and collaborate with companies to receive over $500,000.00 worth of product in addition to cash and other benefits in less than two years? Did you even know that was possible?

Up until May of 2018, I had no idea this world existed! However, I’m far from the only person who has accomplished this! Over the past five years, brands have collaborated with social media influencers across all channels, growing the influencer marketing industry to a $5-$10 billion market according to

Influencer marketing is quickly growing, according to only 39% of marketers increased their influencer marketing budget in 2018 versus the projected 65% for 2020 according to

Whether you are a micro-influencer with 2-50,000 followers or you fall into the macro/mega-influencer range, you can get in on a piece of that $5-10 billion dollar influencer marketing budget!

I cannot wait to share what I have learned with you and help you find ways to implement those things in your collaboration process!

I’m going to teach you the real, practical, tangible ways I used social media to create relationships and make collaborations happen. I will show you real life examples so you can see how I structure my collaborations. I will encourage and motivate you to think bigger and give you the tools to make it happen.

You will be given a workbook that you will work through as you learn. This workbook will have thought provoking questions and and a checklist for you to use as you work on your collaborations. You will also be invited to a private Facebook group for three months after this course where you can ask me additional questions and brainstorm with other participants.

You will walk away from this course knowing:

owingHow to build a solid brand

  1. The very first steps you should take

  2. How to find your niche

  3. How to set up your pages

  4. Become an expert in your niche

  5. How to grow your audience

  6. How to create a media kit

  7. How to identify potential companies to collaborate with

  8. How to contact companies

  9. How to build relationships with brands

  10. Phrases you should use

  11. Terminology you should know

  12. How to calculate your worth

  13. How to establish expectations

  14. Different ways to set up collaborations

  15. What to offer brands

  16. How to write a contract

  17. Tips for fulfilling your collaborations

This course will launch on March 1st, 2020. Pre-order now to save $50! Once the course launches, it will be $249 to join.

How to join:

  1. Click the Buy Now Button to pay for your spot

  2. DM me on Instagram with your correct email address

  3. I will email you your workbook and link to the course on 3/1/2020

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