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Purposefully Pinning on Pinterest: How I Grew My Pinterest from 200 Views a Month to 1.2 Million in

When trying to develop your personal or professional brand, you want to fully utilize any tool possible to help grow and give credence to your endeavor. While I am absolutely no expert, I am learning as I go and love passing on the things I learn that work for me so that others can try them in their business. Nothing I did is complicated or requires any skill you do not possess! All I did was start purposefully pinning and the results blew me away!

Back in November, I read somewhere about using Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog or Instagram. At this point, I had already set up a business account on Pinterest but I had hardly posted anything. I decided to start utilizing this platform to see if I could drive additional traffic to both my blog and my Instagram. Here are the simple steps I took and the results I saw, and trust me, it was worth the little bit of time spent!

This is an image of where my numbers were in October 2018. As you can see, I was averaging 178 monthly viewers and 17 monthly engaged. Not exactly impressive numbers! However, I had the groundwork set for what I was about to do. I had the account set up as a business account so I could see the analytics. There are other things you can do, verify your website and apply for rich pins, to give you even more analytics on your pins but I have not done these steps, even now. I also had my profile picture the same as on my other platforms for easy brand recognition and had the same user name so people would easily recognize all of my platforms.

My first step was to prepare to start pinning. I set up boards with titles that all flowed with my brand. My main focus is modern farmhouse inspiration and design, so I broke the boards up into each room and part of the design process. I labeled each board with a relevant title “Farmhouse Kitchens,” “Modern Farmhouse Design,” “Farmhouse Fireplaces,” etc. These clearly defined boards allowed me to easily pin future pins in the exact category they belonged in.

Then I began pinning! While I did pin some beautiful or interesting things I found on Pinterest, I focused more heavily on pinning pictures that would link back to me directly. I feature farmhouse tours on my blog so I started pinning the individual pictures, linking back to my blog post. I also shared my Instagram posts, linking back to my Instagram. I made sure and categorized them properly on the boards I had previously created, adding new ones if something came up that didn’t quite fit a board I had already created.

Pinning is definitely important, you cannot drive traffic without pins, however it is also important to focus on how you pin! You can’t just stick the picture up and call it a day! To really maximize your pin’s potential, you need to make sure your follow these steps:

* Start your pin with key search terms. Think of Pinterest as a visual search engine. If your pin is about kitchen organization, start your title and description with words a person looking for this type of pin would search for: ‘Kitchen Design’, ‘Kitchen Organization’, ‘Kitchen Design Tips’ are a few examples.

*Make sure to include as many keywords as you can in your description. It is said that descriptions of 200 characters are the post repinnable.

*Add relevant hashtags like #Kitchendesign, #Kitchenideas, or #kitchenorganization to increase the chances of being seen.

This is all I did! I know there are so many other things you can do and ways you can use Pinterest to send even more traffic to your blog but these basic steps are all I did to increase my monthly viewers by almost a million viewers! How simple is that? If you are not already using Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog or Instagram, I highly recommend that you invest a little time to start making this tool work for you!

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