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Tennessee Timeless Traditional

Today we are going on a visual tour of this stunning home from the Baird Graham Company, a luxury home builder based in one of my favorite places to find gorgeous homes, Nashville, TN. Rooted in rustic charm, peppered with warm minimalism and industrial elements, BGC has perfected the traditional style and added the perfect modern flair. Featuring a clean, minimalistic style with uncluttered lines and textures, their designs are timeless. Join me for a room by room tour of their latest work of art.




Dry Bar

Living Room

Dining Room

Home Office

Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom

Master Closet

This home is rich in texture, warmth and design. An abundance of patterns, mixed metals, and warm woods give the home a sense of warmth, personality and character. Every single impeccably designed space just draws you in, captivating your attention with the surprising, fresh details. I hope you enjoyed this amazing home as much as I did! Make sure to check out BGC’s Instagram page to keep up with all their amazing work!

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