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Ava’s Dream Room Part II

“We combined her beautiful mural, gorgeous furnishings and some fun DIY’s to create a space she absolutely loves”

In building our new home, our kids were all so excited to get to help design and decorate their own rooms! Ava, 11, is our middle daughter and this room truly reflects her personality! She hand picked the theme and the bed but allowed me to let my Instagram followers choose the rest of her furniture! We combined her beautiful mural, gorgeous furnishings and some fun DIY’s to create a space she absolutely loves!  This is part II of the two part series where we delve into each element of her room design and decor! To see Part I, click here.

We were so excited to partner with Inspire Q Home to furnish Ava’s room! We began the process by letting Ava choose a bed style. She immediately told me she had her heart set on a gold poster bed, she is a very decisive girl, much like her momma and daddy! After settling on the bed, we chose several styles of dressers, desks and nightstands that we felt matched the bed and Ava’s style. She then agreed to let me allow my Instagram audience to choose the final products! I know this was definitely outside of her comfort zone (she is very particular), so I was very proud of her for relinquishing control and trusting strangers to choose her room design!

“I was very proud of her for relinquishing control and trusting strangers to choose her room design”

When the packages arrived, we excitedly opened them, Ava nervously standing by watching to see what had been chosen for her new room! As the packaging gave way to this gorgeous white and gold dresser, she audibly gave a sigh of relief! She loved this option and had secretly been hoping it would be chosen. Shimmering metallic accents give this white dresser a fresh twist and tie it in perfectly to the other metal pieces in her room. Quality construction, attention to details like French front joints and flush back joints along with poplar wood used in construction give this dresser a high end feel with durability that will outlast her childhood! Above her dresser, we hung this gold finish round mirror with a ledge. It’s minimalistic design blends seamlessly into her room while adding a glamorous touch!

All of Ava’s expectations for this bed were met and exceeded! With a champagne gold metal frame and tufted grey linen headboard, this bed ties everything in her room together perfectly! Exuding a touch of sophistication, this four poster bed would be perfect in any bedroom, regardless of age. Well built and very sturdy, this bed has held up beautifully! Ava and I (Noell) were able to put not only the bed, but all of this furniture together by ourselves with ease. Truthfully, I was worried about the metal showing fingerprints and other smears, but I have been pleasantly surprised with its ability to stay clean in spite of all her siblings and their affinity for climbing all over her bed.

One of the main decisions my followers made was to go with wood for Ava’s nightstand and desk, rather than mirrored glass. Choosing wood gave her room a rustic touch and balances out the gold to make it a perfect fit for a tween room design. I love how beautiful the wood looks with the pastel decor. All the pinks and greens pop so beautifully against it!

“Choosing wood gave her room a rustic touch”

Not going to lie, this corner of her room makes me want to take over her room as my own.  The desk’s durable construction offers lasting use and matches her modern glam style perfectly. This desk offers an ideal combination of function and style with three spacious drawers providing plenty of storage for my little girl who likes to hold on to every scrap of paper she touches.

Our Hunter Fan Cranbrook in teal adds the perfect touch to Ava’s ceiling. The teal ties back in the mural and keeps everything cohesive throughout the room. I love it’s modern shape and the wood blades go perfectly with our flooring! The fans were so easy to install and they came with remotes allowing Ava to easily control it!

Ava, nor I, could be more thrilled with her room! Truly the perfect space for my sweet-hearted, dreamer of a child. Working with Inspire Q Home was such a pleasure! From the customer service to the quality of their furnishings, we were blown away by our experience with them! Allowing our Instagram followers to be involved added such a fun element of suspense to the design and we are thrilled with how it all came together!

(We received product in exchange for this blog post but all thoughts and opinions are my own! We so appreciate you supporting the companies that support our little family!)

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