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Meal Planning, Growing Your Instagram and Homeschooling

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Random title right? What could these three things possibly have in common? Though I started this blog the same time I began my Instagram account when we hit some speed bumps with our build, I decided to focus on my Instagram, and once our build picked back up, I would focus on the blog again. So, now that our build is rolling, I cannot wait to share all the details of it here with you! In addition to talking about our design, build and decor process, I want to be able to share some other parts of my life with you! To find out what you all would most like to hear about, I put up a poll on my Instagram stories asking everyone out of the seven things I know a little something about, which would they like for me to discuss? Budget meal planning was the top pick by a landslide, followed closely by tips on growing your Instagram and then homeschooling.

Growing up in the backwoods of small town USA, I had no idea how poor we were because everyone around us lived the same way. My parents were extremely hard working, frugal people who made sure we never missed a meal. As a matter of fact, we actually ate better than most people as the majority of our veggies came from the massive garden my father planted every year and our meat came from his deer hunting and the calves, chickens, and pigs we raised. The grocery store was a luxury item, and only the bare necessities came from there. My mother was amazing at making the $300 a month she had for groceries last. Watching her can and freeze the surplus from our garden and make the most of the staples from the grocery store made a lasting impact on me and the way I cook for my own family. There have been times in the past when I could make three meals out of $5 Costco rotisserie chicken! Thankfully, I do not have to make a dollar stretch quite as far nowadays, but I still apply those underlying principles to my grocery shopping and meal planning. I look forward to sharing some of my tips, ideas, and recipes with all of you and hope you can find a way to incorporate them into your own kitchen!

Most of you probably would not believe me if I told you that before February, I only used Instagram as a photo editing tool! I had no idea how amazing the building community was though honestly, it may be a good thing our floor plan was settled on before I joined! With all the gorgeous ideas, I may have never been able to finalize my decisions! Organically growing our Instagram from 0-43,900 followers in just over six months has been a whirlwind! While I absolutely cannot take credit for all the growth, some of it is truly the luck of the IG algorithm; there are some principles, ideas, and concepts I have discovered or created that have led to some of the growth. I look forward to sharing some of these with you and hope they will help as you grow your own account. I also plan on discussing the ‘why’ of growing your Instagram. Some people run small businesses and have an obvious ‘why’ but what other ways can your IG benefit you? I look forward to sharing my ‘why’ with you and how my thinking has changed over the past six months.

Last, but not least, homeschooling! I have always homeschooled my children, and with my oldest being a freshman this year, though I am FAR from an expert, I have learned a thing or two along the way! I know many families that are considering homeschooling but don’t know where to start , and some families are already homeschooling but are looking for ideas, encouragement, and tips to make their days easier and more productive! I look forward to sharing my experiences; hopefully, it will either embolden you to take steps to begin your homeschool journey or encourage and motivate you as your work with your children each day!

Thank you so much to each of you who took the time to vote in my poll, I hope you are all as excited as I am to talk about these topics over the coming weeks! If you have any specific questions about these topics, you would like for me to address or additional ideas you would love to hear about, leave me a comment!

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