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Our Living Room Decor

Home trends in NE Florida seem to be several years behind trends I see in other parts of the country. It seems to take a few seasons for new and exciting decor to wind its way to our part of the country. I found this very surprising when I first moved here as I thought surely being on the coast and close to places like Miami and Atlanta would mean Jacksonville would be much trendier than the midwest! But much to my surprise, I found them to be a little lagging! However, in my search for trend setting shops, I stumbled across a local gem called J. Turner and CO. The first time I set foot in their warehouse, I was blown away by the quality, beauty and forward thinking designs I saw. It quickly became one of those stores I knew I could always count on to have just the piece I didn’t even know I was looking for!

All photography by Leslie Brown Photography

Imagine my delight when one day the owner, Jenny Turner, reached out to see if I would be interested in collaborating with her on my home! I was elated to work with her and even more excited to fill my home with even more of her beautiful pieces! After some discussion, we decided to partner up on my living room design. We already had our upholstered pieces and rug, but I gave Jenny the reigns to bring in whatever pieces she thought would tie everything together and make our living room complete.

After asking some questions to get a sense for the feel I was hoping to achieve, J. Turner & Co created several design boards with pieces and colors that perfectly captured my desired aesthetic. I chose the one I felt best represented me and they took my feedback and ran with it! They pulled together pieces that complimented my existing furniture and created a finish look that far exceeded my expectations!

If you need help designing a space or are feeling stuck pulling your pieces together to create a space that has that designer touch, J. Turner & Co offers the perfect solution! Their talented designers will ask you questions then use their professional skills to show you exactly what your home needs! They offer all the pieces you need in-house so you won’t have to worry about going from retailer to retailer to find what you need!

In addition to their fabulous design services, J. Turner & Co offers everything you need to create the home of your dreams, anything from lighting, custom upholstered furniture, handmade throw blankets, and my personal favorite, their scented candles, which are divine income in the most beautiful containers! You can visit their website to find all the perfect pieces for your home or if you are fortunate enough to be a local to the Jacksonville area, visit either of their locations, one is in Ponte Vedra & the other in Jacksonville. Thank you Jenny for helping me create the living room of my dreams!

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